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Collect Pond - A Hymn to Bag Snagging

for Mixed Chorus (S.A.T.B) a cappella
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There is plastic in the air and it catches in the hair
Of the trees that all around us grow.
And in sycamore and elm in the breezy upper realms
You will see it waving to and fro.

There has seldom been a blight that has suffered less a fight
Than the bags that no one seems to see.
Although cause for some to frown, there are none to take them down
So the answer must reside in you and me.

Let the bags be borne out of the trees;
Let the green leaves remain.
With no harm done by us and with little or no fuss
Let the bags be borne away.

When walking in a glade seeking peacefulness and shade
There is nothing better than to share
A maple’s place on earth and one’s thoughts for what it’s worth
And the tangled wads of plastic everywhere.

No! That last part must come out! We will purge the vagrant lout
With hook and pole of proper length.
We will banish from the scene all the polypropylene
Using no small measure of our strength.


Poem by Thomas McClelland
Length: ca. 4'30"

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